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Our Approach

Buzberg Solution is an India based Training and Recruitment Consulting Organization- a leading Provider for high end latest technology services in IT, BPO, Civil, Construction, Manufacturing, FMCG, Architecture and Mobile telephony Sectors. The company is dedicated to guide their connected industry and professionals associated with the industry to competently compete and conform to international standards of quality, employee efficiency and productivity

Buzberg Solution is ready to meet all your human resources, Training and IT related consulting needs as we are well experienced in providing these services for business clients nationwide.

“The executive search for all your business needs ends up here. We are the rarest combination with multiple business domains to make you reach your business goals faster and simpler “

Specialists in Recruitment Consulting

Buzberg Solution team provides full life cycle recruitment services.

Our dedicated team of experienced recruiters will help you find highly qualified diverse talent with a degree of success that many recruitment agencies simply can’t match as we are experienced, innovative and dedicated are at the center of who we are.

We have focused on providing leading Engineering, IT & Manufacturing industries with highly skilled individuals by expertly attracting, sourcing and networking.

Today we are well-established as a knowledge leader in the world of Technical Recruitment.

Our superior recruitment services and targeted approach enable us to continually source top talent from our highly specialized candidate networks

Specialists in Training Consulting

If your business is looking to maximize the benefits of training, look no further.

Our Training programs provide your business with quality training materials and experienced instructors who facilitate employee growth in a unique and confidential setting that caters to adult learners.

Buzberg strategically caters to the need of three predominant sectors in IT viz. Software, Networking and IT Security Technologies like .NET, Java, J2EE, Clustering and Oracle form major component of Software training Program.

In the networking segment besides offering training on MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, Linux and Solaris.

With this product range, Buzberg would be the only training organization to provide such diverse modules. Buzberg, has entered its 2nd year of operations and given its rich experience is now positioned as the one-stop IT Training Mall.

Buzberg has also been the pioneer in the BPO training industry catering to the soft skills and language training.

Why Choose - Buzberg Solution

Our team of experts are equipped with strong knowledge, rich experience and sound logic. Our tailor made solutions always fit according to the client needs.

“We reduce the complexity of your job with our executive approach”